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5 Things I Wish I Could Tell The Younger Me

Sitting in captivity, or in better words: lock-down, has got me thinking of what I would say to the teenage me. I'm now in my late twenties and have done a complete 180 degrees in life. So without further ado, here's my list of advice:

1. Heart break hurts like hell, and then it's gone.

Eventually it forces you to find yourself.

That boy that broke your heart at 16 will be a distant memory replaced by many other heart breaks, a few in which you've unfortunately had to wield. You will even know a heart break so grand that you're physically ill before finding yourself at the complete tipping point: the one in which you buy ten cats and a camper. Just kidding, the point in which you write off all romantic relationships, telling G-d that you don't want anyone ever again until it's the one.

You will find yourself as time goes on, knowing exactly what you want in life, and then bam - you'll find that person.

Hint: The universe gets a chuckle out of sending you the one when you've reached this point. Negotiating with the universe can backfire, but only when it wasn't a lesson for you to begin with.

2. Travel before you settle down.

Travel alone, or travel with close friends, because once you get married and start a family traveling will be different. It will be a beautiful kind of different where you experience life's pleasures with your other half, but you will miss out on the chance to be totally scared. By this I mean that you will be totally out of your element and alone, or with equally scared friends, so that you are forced to face yourself in ways that you've never had to before. You will be met with the awesomeness of fight or flight; perhaps you missed your bus to Beauvais and will be stranded in Paris for the night?

Being settled down and with a partner will bring a much different night, one with more options: Perhaps changed flights and booked hotel rooms? You won't have that fight or flight instinct, or maybe not to the extent that you would have without your security blanket there (your partner.)

Instead of scowling the streets for a taxi and debating on sleeping in McDonald's for the night, the whole time while panicking, you might just have to grab a hold of your partner's hand and then breathe in deep to avoid a total meltdown.

Meltdowns can be good for self-growth in self-reliance, but be careful nonetheless. Never tell strangers where you are from, are staying, and are going. Human trafficking is a real thing. Stay vigilant, and try to stay in the tourist areas.

Hint: When relying on an airport in an entirely different European city from where you are, try not to book an early morning flight. You're welcome.

3. Pay off your high interest debt first.

Research interest rates on any loan or credit line you take out. If you must incur debt, at least come up with a solid attack plan to pay it back. High interest should be paid off first because this cuts down on how much money you have to pay overall.

Hint: Brother Google is a great resource for teaching yourself how to be financially savvy.

4. You're beautiful at any weight, and you will yo-yo, but never stop exercising.

Your physical AND mental health depends on it. Being healthy is so much more than eating salad all the time (like yuck - seriously who does that?) Okay, okay, Greek and Cesar Salad can get passes. But seriously, not moving around messes with your head. To fight against depression and anxiety, you are going to have to get that booty moving.

Hint: It's okay if that booty gets fluffier with time, just make sure you're shaking that tail feather.

5, Never let anyone invade your values.

What I mean by this is: stand up for yourself!

Never let anyone take advantage of you. And if they do, raise hell. Too many people are afraid to speak up or to simply say no. It's not worth the emotional and mental turmoil to compromise your values because of a need to people please, because not speaking up only makes you an accomplice in society's greatest folly: control.

Hint: Saying no holds more power than Thor's hammer. Be the hero of your own destiny.

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