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Technical Writer

  Technical Writer Versus Creative Writing

The most apparent difference between technical writing and creative writing is that technical writing is always nonfiction. Additionally, a technical writer works to educate their audience in some way. On the other hand, creative writing might be nonfiction that provides some education. It can also be complete fiction for the sole purpose of entertainment, or a combination such as a fiction work based on an actual event.

Technical writing might be an employee handbook that focuses on technical procedures and company policies. It could also be a how-to article or a guide on safety or emergency procedures. It might also be a tutorial on how to paint trees. When it comes to creative writing, there is much more freedom for the writer to explore avenues of expression. For example, technical writing doesn't involve characters. An original piece, such as a short story or novel, could potentially educate the audience through dialogue and characterization. That is, a reader may learn valuable lessons in an entertaining piece of fiction. While technical writing is an essential form of communication, we also stand to learn much about human nature, other ways of living, and our own values through creative writing.

E.S. (Elizabeth) Danon writes books that are part memoir part fiction. Her most recent novel, Moon in Bastet, follows a fourteen-year-old girl named Eva, who is ready to give up on life when a mysterious cat in the middle of the desert, changes everything. E.S. Danon's Moon in Bastet releases on September 29th, 2020. You can preorder the book on Amazon and add it to your list of new book releases to read on Goodreads.

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